A Web Browser is a software that we use to browser the world wide web. Even though there are lot of web browsers available, choosing the best web browser can make a huge effect in your day to day activities. Here a is a list of best web browsers that you can use to browser the world wide web with faster performance, better security and high flexibility.

Mozilla Firefox : Chrome Alternative

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Firefox is an open source web browser which is developed by the Mozilla Foundation. This is a cross platform web browser which means users can utilize Firefox on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and OS X platforms. These days Firefox is considered as the best chrome alternative. This is also a less resource intensive web browser when compared with Chrome. Therefore this a best alternative for laptops and desktops with lower system specifications. Since the Firefox Quantum update, it is a faster browsers with quicker page loads than most of the others. Firefox also supports wide variety of browser extensions (Firefox extensions), to customize Firefox.

Google Chrome : World’s Favorite Web Browser

Google Chrome Web Browser

Chrome is also a cross platform web browser which is developed by google. This is the world’s most used web browser. Most of the source code used to build chrome is used from an open source project called Chromium but Chrome is licensed as proprietary freeware. Chrome consist of extensions and themes that ensures users to customize the browser as their wish. Another great thing about Chrome is its advanced sync settings. Chrome browser is also nicknamed as resource hog due to it’s high resource usage but, in the latest version of chrome developers claimed that they optimized memory usage and responsiveness from tab 1 to 100.

Brave : You are not a product

Brave Web Browser (image source: brave.com)

This is a web browser that released in year 2016. Brave is also an open source cross platform compatible web browser that is based on the chromium project. Brave browser provides a faster, stable and private browser experience to their users. The browser can blocks ads and website trackers. This is one of the rising web browser among internet users.

Opera Web Browser : Explore the new standard of browsing

Opera Web Browser

This is also a Chromium based web browser. Even though this is a chromium base web browser it has a distinct user interface and other features from Chrome and most other alternatives. Opera has a built in ad blocker that makes content-rich web pages load in Opera up to 90% faster. This is also a cross platform compatible web browser. This browser has some special features such as Snapshot feature for take screenshots of web pages, Instant Search feature for opening a search engine box on top of a page, Turbo Mode feature for speeds up browsing by compressing web page images and graphics.

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Vivaldi Web Browser : The browser that puts you in control

Vivaldi Web Browser (image from: vivaldi.com)

This is a web browser that revive the features of the old Presto-based Opera. This is a cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. Vivaldi users can customize the browser’s tab and tab bar positions, address bar, window appearance, Start Page, keyboard shortcuts, and bookmark bar. (Tab Management feature) As of March 2019, Vivaldi has 1.2 million active monthly users.

So there you have it. Those are the best web browsers according to my perspective. Hope you enjoyed the article.


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