Summery: In this article you will learn how to remotely control Ubuntu system from windows via RDP.

Imagine you have two computers in you home that runs Ubuntu and Windows. You need to access your Linux box (Ubuntu) using your windows PC. So to do this there are mainly three ways.

  1. Connecting to Ubuntu via Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Connecting to Ubuntu via SSH.
  3. Connecting to Ubuntu via VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

In windows there is a built in protocol known as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The software that uses this protocol is also comes pre-installed with windows. It’s called Remote Desktop Connection.

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Setting Up the Ubuntu Machine for Remote Access

Even though windows comes with pre-installed tool to use the RD protocol, Ubuntu does not have anything like that. Therefore we need to install it. The tool that we are going to install in Ubuntu is called xrdp, which is opensource remote desktop protocol server.

Open your terminal and enter the following to install the xrdp server.

sudo apt install xrdp

After the installation complete run the following to start the xrdp server.

sudo systemctl enable xrdp

Now you need to find the IP address of you Linux PC. Open your terminal and type,

ip add

Find the IP from the resulting output of the above command which is relevant to your adapter. If you always need to have the same IP when connecting to your Linux PC you can configure a static IP to your interface.

Connecting using the windows remote connection service.

  • Press Windows Key + R
  • Enter “mstsc” without quotes and press enter.
How to open windows Remote Desktop Connection
  • Windows Remote Desktop Connection Client will Popup.
Windows Remote Desktop Connection Client
  • Enter your Ubuntu machine IP. Then press the connect button to continue. You should get a warning message, and you can press Yes button to open the connection.
  • Next you will get a screen like below.
Enter Ubuntu PC’s Username And Password In Remote Desktop Application
  • Enter Ubuntu PC’s Username And Password in the above window.

If enter your Username and Password correctly you will be able to successfully get a remote connection to your Ubuntu PC.

Screenshot of my PC with the remotely logged in Ubuntu desktop in the right side.

Even though RDP is a great way to remotely connect to your Ubuntu PC there is a issue with establishing a remote connection while you already logged into the same account on the Ubuntu machine. The simplest way to fix this issue is to logged out from you Ubuntu PC.

That’s one way of how you can remotely control your Ubuntu system from windows via RDP. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to check other article on the website…

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